sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2011

Christina Aguilera: Walk Away

What do you do when you know something is bad for you and you still can't let go?
I was naive. Your love was like candy: artificially sweet. I was deceived by the wrapping. Got caught in your web and I learned how to bleed. I was prey in your bed and devoured completely, and it hurts my soul, because I can't let go.
All these walls are caving in, I can't stop my suffering. I hate to show that I have lost control, because I - I keep going right back to the one thing that I need to walk away from.
I need to get away from you. I need to walk away from you. Get away. Walk away. Walk away.
I should have known I was used for amusement. Could not see through the smoke it was all an illusion. Now I have been licking my wounds, licking my wounds... but the venom seeps deeper, deeper, deeper! We both can seduce, but, darling, you hold me prisoner. Prisioner!
Oh! I'm about to break. I can't stop this ache. I'm addicted to your allure and I'm fiending for a cure. Every step I take leads to one mistake, (...) getting nothing in return. What did I do to deserve the pain of this slow burn? And everywhere I turn I keep going right back to one thing that I need to walk away from!
I need to get away from you. I need to walk away from you.
Everytime I try to grasp for air I am smothered in despair - it is never over, over. Seems I never wake from this nightmare. I let out a silent prayer: let it be over, over. Inside I'm screaming, begging, pleading no more!
Now - what do I do? My heart has been bruised! So sad... but it's true. Each beat reminds me of you. (...) Oh, I can't mend this torn state I'm in. (...)
The only thing I need to do is walk away. (...)


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