quarta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2009

Paramore: Brick By Boring Brick

"She lives in a fairy tale, somewhere too far for us to find. Forgotten the taste and smell of a world that she's left behind. It's all about the exposure, the lends I told her. The angles were all wrong, now she's ripping wings off of butterflies. Keep your feet on the ground when your head's in the clouds. Go, get your shovel, and we'll dig a deep hole, to bury the castle. (...) So one day he found her crying, coiled up on the dirty ground. Her prince finally came to save her, and the rest you can figure out... But it was a trick and the clock struck 12. We'll make sure to build your home brick by boring brick, or the wolf's gonna blow it down. (...) You built up a world of magic, because your real life is tragic. (...) If it's not real you can't hold it in your hands, you can't feel it with your heart, and I won't believe it; but if it's true you can see it with your eyes, even in the dark, and that's where I want to be (...)"

segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2009

Nickelback: Hero

"I am so high, I can hear heaven. (...) Whoa, but Heaven...no, Heaven won't hear me. And they say that a hero could save us, I'm not gonna stand here and wait; I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles, watch as we all fly away. Someone told me love would all save us, but how can that be? Look what love gave us: a world full of killing and blood spilling. That world never came. (...) Now that the world isn't ending, it's love that I'm sending to you. It isn't the love of a hero and that's why I fear it won't do. (...) And they're watching us (...) as we all fly away. (...)"