sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

Die die die. Game over.


So, you want to
Try again?

Each time
Life count drops
The sweaty buttons
Sticky under practised
Click click click.

Level up.

Moving on. Blood
Pumping, pounding.
Rounding corners
Juddering lights
Swatting away the
Bang bang bang.

Level complete.

Fuzzy pixels swarming
Forming the tiny person
Character. You.
A twisting maze of
False reality.
It's safe here.

Would you like to Save?
[Yes]<   [No]

Time is running out.
Leave, fall out!
Specks of light
Whizzing past
Turning, aiming
Die die die

Game Over.

deep sleep by ~raineese on deviantART

2 comentários:

Cheila Pacheco disse...

Desculpa nao ter respondido ao teu comentário, acabei por me esquecer!

Gostei do que vi no teu blog :)


Anónimo disse...

Cheila Pacheco: Oh, não há problema. :) Obrigada por me seguires. ;)