sexta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2010

acordar para a morte

Some decades ago, human kind had the brilliant idea of using some natural energy sources to feed machines in order to use them to produce more in less time and for lower price. It was called the Industrial Revolution and, for some reason, there are not records of anyone who thought of it as a bad idea. For some reason, there was a lot of good things attached to it. I think it's because Men hadn't yet been able to learn from their mistakes.

E será que agora o conseguem fazer?

You see, when you plan on doing something that big, you're supposed to test it from every angle, possible and imaginary. I guess they didn't have that kind of possibility.

Ou será que tiveram?

As so, when machines moved by coal started being produced and used, the consequences were like a ups! in the minds of those who thought that it was such a magnificent idea. The very first polluted air was born! But, of course, stubborn as mankind is, they couldn't possibly just give up on that idea. They had to replace the coal by oil. It hurts the environment a bit less and we can still make lots of money, they thought. How stupid. They were the first Earth killers. The punishment? None. All of them are now very much died. Their sons, grandsons and others didn't do better. They found natural gas, atomic energy and some more. They developed cars, airplanes, boats and found even greater ways of making money by killing the planet. Much of them are also dead by now. And Earth has got sicker and sicker. By now, if I was Earth, I would give up on trying to heal myself. Because as society grows, the air we breath, the food we eat and the ecosystems we live in are rapidly dying. And the big ones, those whose pockets benefit from those energy sources, don't give a damn about which the world dies or not. Know why? Because some of them will not be here to see it. The only thing they care about is having a nice car and a nice house to show off. As they drive to richness, the forests are dying, the animals are disappearing, the ice is melting, and the oceans' level is increasing, as well as the temperature. Not to speak of the illnesses that the huge gap on the ozone laid can cause. As the media and the green institutions try to wake up the human kind for their own mistakes, the great nations and those who sell them the resources above referred are still asleep. As well as a good part of the world's population. Among them are those who believe but don't care and those who don't believe because they don't want to. It's pretty common to see someone who doesn't want to believe in an inconvenient truth.

Alguém já viu o filme? :D

Well, all this pollution and the devastation of forests and animals, as well as other habitats, will eventually lead to the end of the world. And it won’t be like the movies where the hero always survives. The planet will die, and our only hope is to slow down that ending a little bit, by helping the planet anyway we can. At least, long enough to someone to come up with of putting the world’s population in the space, or something. So, if you want to live in a world where you can actually breath natural air, or if you want your kids and your kids’ kids to have a decent world to live in, I suggest you to start waking up and trying to wake up the ones around you. Maybe we’re still in time to save our only home… Or maybe not.

Adriana Pereira

Estarão os grandes e os poderosos, os fat cats, preparados para acordar para a morte?

Era mesmo a este ponto que queriam chegar?

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