sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2010

Green Day: Paper Lanterns

Now I rest my head from such an endless dreary time,
A time of hopes and happiness, that had you on my mind.
Those days are gone and now it seems as if I'll get some rest,
But now and then I'll see you again and it puts my heart to the test.

So when are all my problems going to end?
I'm understanding now that we are only friends.
To this day I'm asking why I still think about you.

As the days go on I wonder: will this ever end?
I find it hard to keep control when you're with your boyfriend.
I do not mind if all I am is just a friend to you,
But all I want to know right now is if you think about me too.

1 comentário:

bruno disse...

i still think about you too....