quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010

Skillet: Hero

"I'm just a step away. I'm a just a breath away, losing my faith today, falling off the edge today. I am just a man, not superhuman; (...) someone save me from the hate. It's just another war, just another family torn. Falling from my faith today. Just a step from the edge. Just another day in the world we live. I need a hero to save me now. (...) I need a hero to save my life. A hero'll save me just in time. I've gotta fight today to live another day. Speaking my mind today, my voice will be heard today. I've got to make a stand, but I am just a man. (...) It's just another kill. The countdown begins to destroy ourselves. Who's gonna fight for what's right? Who's gonna help us survive? We're in the fight of our lives and we're not ready to die. Who's gonna fight for the weak? Who's gonna make them believe? I've got a hero living in me. I'm gonna fight for what's right. Today I'm speaking my mind, and if it kills me tonight, I will be ready to die. A hero's not afraid to give his life. (...)"

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